A long-standing commitment to quality

Throughout our history, United Pacific Forest Products (UPFP) has had a deep commitment to providing exceptional customer service. This shows in everything we do. We work hard to ensure you get the best product for your application. We're a partner that you can count on to provide you with durable, cost-effective wood pallets that are delivered on time.

Based in Petaluma, California, United Pacific Forest Products first began serving customers in March of 1990. We began as a lumber brokerage company and quickly expanded to provide products to customers throughout Northern and Southern California.

Several years later, we opened a remanufacturing plant in Fresno and added Western Red Cedar fencing to our product lines. UPFP extended our market to Kansas City, Indianapolis, Denver, as well as several cities throughout Texas.

In 1996, UPFP relocated headquarters to St. Helens, Oregon in a large facility that was formerly the country's largest plywood mill. Our company continued our expansion producing additional Cedar Products, Spruce fascia, and construction grade lumber. UPFP's marketplace stretched all the way to the east coast.

In 2006, UPFP entered the industrial side of the lumber business primarily by manufacturing pallet components. The logical next step for our company was to begin making the pallets themselves. Today, the manufacturing arm of our company is primarily focused on the pallet industry.

Our market place is the Western States.

In December of 2008, our facility suffered a major roof collapse. Within 98 days we moved our manufacturing facility to Woodburn, Oregon where we continue to serve our customers from our new 11-acre facility. With our move to a new facility, we place an increased emphasis on manufacturing pallets.

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